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Doing Scary Shit

Getting to this point has been a journey. For the last year (or more) I have been great at talking up this business, planning to make it happen and even dreaming of all the amazing success I am going to have with the start of a dream. The only thing I haven't done is...ACTUALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I have shared cards, ideas, energy but when it came time to put it into action, I FROZE...taking one step further each time I tried but never fully starting the business up. I was holding myself back and I was scared of failing. There I said it, "I don't want to fucking fail, I am scared!"

So here we are, I am scared, I am doing it anyway and it is liberating to be saying this out loud (or at least in my head through the words on this page).

Doing scary shit is not easy, it takes courage, it takes faith, and it takes knowing I might fail. I am going to take my chances, I will put in the work that needs to be done and I am going to go for it. Shit, maybe I should read my own cards and take the advice I am so freely showering onto others.

I know you must DO SCARY SHIT to get the rewards, to change, and to push forward to better things. It is taking that leap and having faith that no matter what happens on my way through the air, I am going to be okay...I am going to be okay...I am going to be okay.

I am taking my own advice...I am going to be scared, think of the worst scenarios, have self doubt but do it anyway. I can do this because I can also see the happiness, reward, and amazing future that is going to come my way. I am going to be scared and do it anyway.

So cheers to you, cheers to me, and cheers to this business! I desire to reach others through humor, love, and support. I have the love and support of so many who believe in me, my abilities and ideas!

Here it goes...I am 100% jumping into SCARY SHIT!

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