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B Whatever Sunshine

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B Whatever Sunshine was started in 2018 by me, Becky Broghammer, with one mission: opening space to take a breath, get real, be honest, accept reality, welcome support & feel encouraged without judgement. Becky's ultimate goal is for the world to be a kinder place.  After completing my dissertation research with moms dedicated to multiple priorities, I recognized many women need intentional time to take care of themselves while in solidarity with others with similar experiences. I started to provide this space in multiple ways: through the facilitation of experiences specially designed to allow comforting space to recharge & keep going and through a line of sarcastic and fun products intended to remind us we are never alone. Today, BWS is offering more opportunities for everyone to join in, not just moms. Now there are courses focusing on social justice. At a time when we need to do better to build and develop a world available and positive for all...we must understand the implications of bias, racism and privilege.  There are now design and staging services created to make a place feel good for the soul. All products and services come with a commitment of making today better for others than it was yesterday. Check out all that is going on and sign up be a part of growing your focus on self, and kindness toward others. 
Above all, never forget to KEEP GOING, YOU'VE GOT THIS!

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B Whatever Sunshine Founder

Becky Broghammer

Designer, Facilitator, Educator

Becky founded B Whatever Sunshine in 2018 as a result of her dissertation research discussing women with multiple priorities needing space, community, and support while moving through life.


She has earned degrees in Interior Design (BA) from Washington State University (GO COUGS), from the University of Northern Colorado in Educational Leadership (MA), and Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership (PhD) and most recently completed a Masters of Science in Construction Managment from Kent State University. Becky worked in Higher Education for 15 years in a variety of roles: teaching, mentoring, leading, and serving students and colleagues in student life, career services, student access, and equity & compliance. Becky taught and trained students, staff and faculty on topics including implicit bias, privilege, equity, and bystander engagement as an administrator and adjunct faculty member at the University of Northern Colorado. She is currently teaching Interior Design classes and studio at Kent State University.

Becky has worked as an interior designer in retail, small business and alongside contractors to ensure people have spaces they can’t wait to enjoy. She believes space should provide joy, comfort, and safety (without breaking the bank) and enjoys bringing that reality to her clients.

The mission of B Whatever Sunshine is to promote authentic & kind connections. It is deeply set in developing relationships motivated to create and design spaces (literally and figuratively) allowing people to step back, breathe, take care of themselves and move forward toward growth and deeper understanding of themselves, their personal why and their impact on this world. Spaces created are formed to provide each individual with newfound and refreshed energy to do better in all aspects of life. Becky's passion for equity, joyful moments and her sarcastic approach keep things authentic, fun, and rooted in kindness and respect for people.

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