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The Latest Card Collections

Three (3) more collections! These are universal & perfect to keep around to share with your friends and family.

Thank you

Share Your Gratitude

It is always a good idea to have a set of thank you cards on hand! This collection is designed so you can customize your message! A sample of other collection designs, these are more general and easy to share with everyone.


Spreading Happy

This is the perfect collection to have on hand & send to anyone. Positive messages sure to bring a little sunshine & kindness to those needing an extra pick-me-up. Snag these so you can remind people how much they mean to you & what a difference they make in the lives they reach!

The F-Line
(yep, that F)

*Language Warning*
When there are no other words.

Real life is represented in this collection. When life's ups & downs are seemingly more down, these cards can bring a smile, a laugh & remind someone we are all in it together! This collection represents previous designs upgraded and added to for the most authentic set of cards to date.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 12.36.08


Our world has seen difficult months with devastating impacts. As BWS has responded with new courses, workshops and learning opportunities, new card collections have been created to support and encourage those who continue to do the unending work of creating a better world.

Get yours today to start spreading kindness & appreciation!


Business Update

BWS is rebooting and growing.

The business is growing & more fully reflects the strengths, education and passion of our founder, Becky Broghammer. Becky has degrees in Interior Design (BA), Educational Leadership (MA), and Higher Education Leadership (PhD). The new offerings at BWS now more fully embrace Becky's  education and professional experiences as well as represents her authentic, engaging & creative spirit with the addition of services!

There will continue to be WORKSHOPS, designed to create space & step out of chaos, breathe and focus on self. There are CARDS, STICKERS, KINDNESS CARD PACKS as well as SIGNS designed for you to show your support and love for others.  

The big NEWS is the addition of services focusing on creativity & education.

BWS is adding HOME DESIGN and STAGING! These services are available both in person and online and will assist you in designing spaces that promote happiness and taking care of self. 

BWS is now offering online COURSES & WORKSHOPS focused on social justice. Becky's education in a social justice centered PhD program along with her professional experience as administrator and adjunct faculty member qualify her to teach and share difficult topics which often present uncomfortable conversations. The first line of courses will focus on implicit bias, privilege, systemic racism, equity, and bystander engagement. 

The inaugural "do the work" collection of courses are in direct response to the

Black Lives Matter

movement and 15% of participant registration fees will be donated

to 1 of 3 anti-racism focused, non-profit organizations.

Individuals choose which organization will receive their funds.

Thank you for your support and time! Please take a minute to look through the website and contact Becky if you have questions, want to chat about all the changes, or are interested in learning more about all the things. Take care of you, each other and as always,



B Whatever Sunshine creates products & opportunities centered on kindness & support that allow people to step out of the chaos of life, breathe & focus on improving self while encouraging them to provide the same space and opportunity for others. 

Dedicate time to YOU!

New virtual experiences coming soon. If you are interested in developing an opportunity for you and your friends, email to start planning today.  
If looking to share support and understanding, check out the greeting cards designed to make you smile and provide an encouraging word.

Writing Letters

Feel free to contact Becky Broghammer

Keep going, you've got this!


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